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Shopify Store Setup

Shopify Store Setup

For your business to succeed, you need to be able to sell your business or products in as many different channels as possible, 5 years ago this was very difficult and very expensive but Shopify has made that super easy to do.

Shopify is a complete e-commerce platform that allows you to set up an online store to sell your goods. It lets you organize your products, customize your storefront, accept credit card payments, track and respond to orders — all with a few clicks of the mouse.

As a Shopify Expert & Partner, I am here to help you setup your Shopify store and ensure it’s setup perfectly ready for your marketing campaigns to excel.

➤ phone consultation – We have a call together and discuss your direction and goals for your business.

➤ Theme Installation & Basic Shopify Store Setup – If you have purchased a premium theme, I can install it and setup it up as you want it.

➤ Setting up the Homepage – I will set up the homepage as discussed on the phone consultation.

➤ Setting up the Menu – I will setup the Menu so your customers can easily navigate your online store.

➤ Page Creation – I will add up to 5 pages (About Us, Shipping Information, FAQ, & More)

➤ Product CSV Creation & Upload – Up to 20 products I will manually to your store or if you provide a product CSV I will format and import that for you.

➤ Shopify Application Setup – Install & Setup requested apps & add the best apps that boosts conversions.

➤ Point your Domain – I will setup and point any custom domain to your Shopify Store.

➤ Setup Shipping/Delivery methods – I will setup your custom shipping or delivery rates.

➤ Configure Payment Gateway – I will setup the payment gateway your business uses or get Shopify Payments setup on your store.

➤ Give the Shopify Store Setup a once over.