Ben Line

About me 📙

I'm a fullstack web developer living in Sheffield, United Kingdom. I'm self-taught and have completed Freecodecamp, now twice since they added new stuff, love me some Traversy Media too and let's not forget thenewboston & well HELLO INTERNET Derek Banas. Basically, I like to learn new stuff & help people out with the knowledge I gain with my knowledgebases that will be hosted on domain soon, or maybe somewhere else, who knows? do you? 😆

BTW: It's anti guru season!

What I'm best at

  • Shopify & Shopify Plus
  • Magento & Magento Commerce Cloud
  • Wordpress & Woocommerce
  • Reactjs
  • Gatsby
  • Node JS
  • Cloud services
  • SAAS services
  • Platform integrations